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Frances Langford Heart Center

The Frances Langford Heart Center at Martin Health System provides exceptional cardiac care to help our heart patients lead longer, healthier lives. During hospitalization, you are visited frequently by members of our team who are involved in the planning and implementation of your care. We offer a full spectrum of services ranging from diagnostic to interventional services such as angioplasty, coronary artery stenting, pacemaker insertions, internal defibrillator placements, open-heart surgery and heart valve replacement. In addition, we provide outpatient cardiac rehabilitation services and educational programs for individual patients as well as for the public.

Our outstanding cardiology and interventional cardiology team includes physicians primarily from the practices of Cardiology Associates of Stuart and Stuart Cardiology Group.

The Heart Center's surgical team consists of cardiothoracic surgeons and cardiovascular anesthesiologists working together to provide quality care for our heart surgery patients. We have partnered with the renowned Ocala Heart Institute which is recognized nationally as an outstanding provider of care.

More information about these organizations is available in the following brochures:

Throughout your stay, it is our goal to provide you with excellent health care delivered with compassion, pride and a caring spirit.



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