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(Pictured from Left to Right seated) Anil Nasta, MD, Michelle Taylor, ARNP,  Michael Romano, MD, FCCP, Inpatient Medical Director,   Madhuresh Kumar, MD   Service Line Director,  Aysen Gurrea, DO, Alan Turner, DO, Reynald Altema, MD, Leslie Clifton, PA, (Pictured from Left to Right Standing) Cynthia Lambert, ARNP, Scott Snedeker, MD, Tanmay Patel, MD, Kenneth Holling, MD, FCCP, Evelio Sardina, MD, PhD, FCCP, Alejandro Biglione, MD, Christopher Morley, MD, M. Sadiq Ashraf, MD, Kristin Ogden, ARNP, Robert Van Vliet, DO, M. Ameen Ashraf, MD, Maria Shaw, Administrative Office Manager

What is a Martin Medical Group hospitalist?

A Martin Medical Group (MMG) hospitalist is a physician who specializes in the practice of “Hospital Medicine” – a medical specialty dedicated to the delivery of comprehensive medical care to hospitalized patients.

Our hospitalists typically complete their training in internal medicine or family practice, but may also receive training in other medical specialties.

In addition to their core expertise managing the clinical problems of acutely ill hospitalized patients, hospitalists work to enhance the performance of hospitals and health care systems.

Our hospitalists work closely with your primary care doctor to make your transitions in and out of the hospital as safe and efficient as possible. Once admitted to the hospital, your hospitalist will coordinate your course of treatment, including ordering diagnostic imaging studies, lab work and consultations. He/she will review all of your tests and adjust your care based on your test results and the recommendations of other specialists. Throughout your stay, he/she will continue to update you on your plan of care.

Administrative Office Manager: Maria Shaw

772.223.5945 ext. 3468

MMG Michael Romano, MD Inpatient Medical Director
Pulmonary Medicine
MMG Madhuresh Kumar, MD
Internal Medicine
MMG W. Daniel Lehnhoff, DO
Internal Medicine
MMG Aysen Gurrea, DO
Family Practice
MMG Robert Van Vliet, DO
Internal Medicine
MMG Tanmay Patel, MD
Internal Medicine
MMG Christopher Morley, MD
Internal Medicine
MMG Scott Snedeker, MD
Internal Medicine
MMG Krishnaraj Deshpande, DO
Internal Medicine
Kenneth Holling, MD
Pulmonary Medicine
Critical Care Medicine
Cynthia Lambert, ARNP
Michelle Taylor, ARNP

Hospitalists are exclusively dedicated to inpatient care and are available to provide comprehensive diagnosis, supervision and treatment. Our MMG hospitalists are on call and available to care for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you have a MMG primary care physician and are hospitalized, you will be cared for by a MMG hospitalist during your admission.

At the time of your discharge, your hospitalist will update your primary care physician on the care you received in the hospital including any prescriptions given upon discharge, further treatment recommendations or recommended follow-up care. When your discharge instructions are reviewed with you, you may be given an appointment for follow-up care with your primary care physician or advised to call your physician and schedule an appointment.

The goal of our MMG hospitalist team is to provide excellent, safe, comprehensive care for our patients during their stay with us.

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