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Welcome to Martin Health System!

We are excited that you have chosen to join Martin Health System and wish you the best for what we hope to be a long, rewarding career.


Specialties of our inpatient areas

Martin Medical Center
     North Tower

Ground Floor- Outpatient/Admitting, Radiology, Emergency, Cafeteria, Transition Unit, Cardiology, Respiratory, Lab
1st Floor- MICU- Medical intensive care unit

1st Floor- SICU- Surgical intensive care unit

1st Floor- CVICU- Cardiovascular intensive care unit
1st Floor- OR, PACU
1st Floor- Cardiac Cath Lab

2West- Clinical decision unit/Med Surg

2East- Over flow/ENDO
3West- Med/Surg/Oncology/In Hospital Hospice

3East- Ambulatory PACU/ Physical therapy/Occupational therapy/ Speech language pathology
4East- Med Renal
4West- Surgical Urology
5East/5West- Cardiac/neurology
6West- CVPCU
6East- Ortho

South Tower
2nd Floor- L&D, Post Partum, Level 2 NICU
3rd Floor- Pediatrics, Post Partum

Martin Hospital South
        1st Floor- OR, PACU, ED, Radiology, Outpatient/Admitting, Cafeteria
        2nd Floor- ICU, PCU/Tele, Ortho, Lab
        3rd Floor- Med Surg, Infusion Suite


Tradition Medical Center
1st Floor- Emergency, Outpatient/Admitting, Imaging, Cafeteria
2nd Floor- OR, PACU, Endoscopy, Pharmacy, Lab
3rd Floor- ICU, Tele
4th Floor- Tele
5th Floor- LDRP, LDRP OR, NICU 





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