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Karate at Palm City

Adult’s Karate  (12 + years old)
Tuesday and Thursday 7:40 – 9:00 p.m.
Saturday 10:30 – 12:00 p.m.

Children’s Karate  (5-12 years old)
Tuesday and Thursday 4:15 – 5:15 p.m.


JSKA – FLA is affiliated with JSKA – USA and the Japan Shotokan Karate Association head quartered in Ciba, Japan. JSKA is one of the fastest growing Traditional Karate organizations in the world. After the break up of the Japan Karate Association, Keigo Abe Sensei, Chief Instructor, 9th Dan (degree), formed the JSKA to provide dojos world wide with a non-political international organization to foster the true spirit and proper practice of Shotokan Karate-Do.

The goal of JSKA - USA is the promulgation of true Japanese Karate-Do as espoused by the founder of modern day Karate-Do Master Gichin Funakoshi.

JSKA and its affiliates are dedicated to upholding the honorable principles found in traditional martial arts, especially the principals found in Master Funakoshi's Dojo Kun (5 principles) and 20 precepts of Karate-Do.

These philosophical concepts are the foundation of true karate training.

JSKA - FLA is dedicated to the proper training and education of karate students in the Florida.

"The ultimate aim of Karate lies not in victory of defeat, but in the perfection of character of its participants."
-Master Gichin Funakoshi

To register or for more information please contact:

Dan Sirois

Self Defense Survey Quotes:

How much more confidence do you have in your ability to defend yourself now that you have completed the self defense course?
“I feel that my reaction time is much faster and I know to react quickly and exit. I feel like if I was attacked I would be able to commit to defending to myself and that I would have a much better chance of surviving an attack. I was surprised how frightening it is when you get attacked and the fear that overtakes you is very powerful. This class allowed me to feel that fear and learn how to accept it and use it to my advantage.”
-Female, 53 year old mother of 3

“I definitely have a better reaction time and now understand my options in getting out of different scenarios. I am about to go off to college and I feel much safer and more cautious. This was a graduation present from my parents and was extremely valuable.”
-Female, 18 year old Incoming College Freshman

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