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Medical Fitness Programs

Martin Health & Fitness Centers

Transition to Medical Fitness Programs

The ultimate goal of Martin Health's Medical Fitness Programs is to bridge the gap between health care and fitness, by supporting clients clients in the post-rehab stages of their recovery to achieve physical fitness and continued recovery through carefully developed, customized personal training.

  • Reduced Membership Rate of 3 Months for $87
  • All benefits of a regular membership
  • Professional guidance by a Certified Fitness Specialist
  • Creation of a personalized exercise program
  • Follow-up consultations to monitor your progress, assist with the progression of your fitness program and help keep you on track

Discounted Personal Training Session Pricing

During your first 3 month membership period with the Stay On Target Programs

Members: 3 pack of 30 min sessions $85; 3 pack of 60 min sessions $120

Non-Members: 3 pack of 30 min sessions $94; 3 pack of 60 min sessions $129

10% Off Single Session Pricing For Our Special Services: Massage Therapy & Kinesis Training

Medical Fitness Programs:

  • Cardiac Rehab Phase III & Pulmonary Exercise Program
  • Post Physical Therapy Exercise Program
  • Diabetes Exercise Program
  • Post Bariatric Exercise Program
  • Cancer Exercise Program
  • Brain Fitness 
  • Punch Out Parkinson's

To get started please speak to your therpist and/or physician and have them complete the Stay On Target Form.

Aquatic Medical Fitness

Aquatic Medical Fitness classes at South Hospital and Jensen Beach Fitness Centers are held in the warmer therapy pools which are kept between 91 – 92 oF. The focus of these classes is to relieve joint stiffness and pain and continue to rehabilitate injuries. 

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Punch OUT Parkinson's

This group training incorporates boxing with other exercises to improve strength, balance, mobility and quality of life for individuals living with Parkinson’s disease.

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Cancer Exercise Program

Whether you are going through treatment or have completed treatment, it may be time for a special program that can improve health and wellness, rebuild strength and stamina, and make you feel healthy again. 

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Diabetes Exercise Program

Being diagnosed with Diabetes is life changing. If you have recently graduated from the Martin Diabetes Self-Management Program with Health & Healing, you know how important it is to continue your road towards wellness with exercise and proper nutrition.

The Martin Health & Fitness Diabetes Exercise Program is your next step!

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Post-Bariatric Surgery Exercise Program

Taking positive steps toward being physically fit can really help speed your journey to the new you! Bariatric surgery is only part of the solution. When considering bariatric surgery, patients need to become familiar with the diet and exercise requirements that will help keep them healthy both before and after bariatric surgery.

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