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Medical Fitness

Martin Health System Health & Fitness Center

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Transition to Medical Fitness Programs

Martin Health and Fitness Centers offer several medically integrated fitness programs that further extend its continuum of care. As therapy concludes, many of our clients transfer into one of our available self-pay Medical Fitness Programs. Some of our patients find that their insurance coverage has ended before they are ready, some find that the home exercise programs are difficult to maintain without encouragement and others are just interested in continuing to improve under independent but medically supervised exercise programming.

All of the Medical Fitness Programs are overseen by Martin Health certified Health and Fitness specialists and/or exercise physiologists. Each team member's expertise allows us to develop programs geared not only toward general fitness, but toward health and wellness, adult and youth fitness, aerobics, cardiac rehabilitation, special populations and post-rehabilitation.

Our Medical Fitness Programs include:

  • Brain Fitness - NEW! Classes now at ALL Health & Fitness Centers!
  • Cancer Exercise Program - in collaboration with Martin Health cancer services 
  • Post Physical and Occupational Exercise Program – in collaboration with Martin Health physical and occupational services
  • Cardiopulmonary Phase III and IV Exercise Program – in collaboration with Martin Health cardiopulmonary services
  • Post Bariatric Exercise Program - in collaboration with the Martin Health bariatric services (surgical weight-loss) 
  • Diabetes Exercise Program - in collaboration with the Martin Health registered diabetes educator.

Cancer Exercise Program

Whether you are going through treatment or have completed treatment, it may be time for a special program that can improve health and wellness, rebuild strength and stamina, and make you feel healthy again. 

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Cardiopulmonary Phase III and IV Rehab Programs

Cardiac Phase III and Pulmonary Rehabilitation provides a supervised exercise setting dedicated to your safety. The change in your status is monitored. The exercise specialist will conduct an initial consultation and will work with you to develop good exercise habits and teach you a safe way to exercise.

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Diabetes Exercise Program

If you have diabetes, you have probably been told that exercise is especially good for you and can help you to manage your disease. What are some of the positive changes that regular exercise can bring you?

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Post-Bariatric Surgery Exercise Program

Taking positive steps toward being physically fit can really help speed your journey to the new you! Bariatric surgery is only part of the solution. When considering bariatric surgery, patients need to become familiar with the diet and exercise requirements that will help keep them healthy both before and after bariatric surgery.

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