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Welcome to Martin Health System!

We are excited that you have chosen to join Martin Health System and wish you the best for what we hope to be a long, rewarding career.


Q: Is there a Cafeteria?
A: Yes.


Q: What are the Cafeteria hours?

North Cafeteria hours:

·         1100-1400

·         Coffee Shop: 0630-1930 and 0030-0200 (nights).

South cafeteria hours:

·         0700-1430 and 1830-1930. No food at night.


Q: Where should I call if I have Technical issues?
A: For technical issue, Logins or password issue call the Help Desk, at x4357


Q: What are the work times for Clinical Staff?
A: All RNs work 7a-7p. PCTs work 6-6 on 5th floor at North and all of South. Everyone else works 7a-7p.


Q: Is there any parking restrictions?
A: You must park on the 3rd floor or higher of the parking garage at North during day shifts.



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