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What to Expect After Surgery

Your leg with the new joint may swell. Swelling is normal and is due to exercising and using your leg. Elevate your leg with a pillow lengthwise while sleeping. In most cases, swelling should decrease by morning. Continue ice therapy as directed by your orthopaedic team, especially following therapy sessions.

After surgery, you can expect gradual improvement for the next 18 months. You can look forward to less pain, stiffness and deformity. You will begin to enjoy the activities of daily living with more comfort and move to a more independent lifestyle.

Returning to Work
Getting back to work depends on how quickly you heal and how much demand your job puts on your new joint. If you do a lot of walking, standing or physical labor, it is not unusual to be off work from three to six months. If you have a desk job and can park the car close to the office, you may be able to return to work sooner. Your doctor and rehabilitation staff will help you decide when you are ready.


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