The maternal child department at Tradition Medical Center was designed with young families in mind. We solicited input from new parents and staff in order to provide our patients and their families with the most rewarding and memorable birth experience possible. 

Located on the fifth floor of the medical center, the maternal child department enjoys expansive views of the lake and landscaped grounds of the beautiful Tradition campus. Each of our 14 patient rooms is spacious and private and designed to accommodate the entire birthing experience – from labor and delivery through recovery and post-partum. If a Cesarean birth is needed, surgical suites are nearby on the same floor. Mothers and infants share a room where they can welcome and engage the entire family in the new arrival’s care.

Our highly experienced and compassionate staff of physicians, nurse-midwives, nurses and ancillary staff are dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable environment as they care for you and your family.

Neonatal Intensive Care

If your infant has special needs after birth, Tradition Medical Center has a Level II Special Care Nursery with six intensive care beds. Our neonatologists and staff are prepared to provide specialized medical attention 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Each infant has a private, quiet room that can comfortably accommodate parents who want to stay overnight with their newborn. During your newborn’s stay, our experts will do everything possible to assist your baby, and to keep you informed of his or her progress every step of the way.

Our Home Visit Program

We want to make sure that your positive birth experience at our hospital continues during your initial days at home. One of our nurses, working under the direction of your pediatrician and obstetrician or midwife, will come to your home after the birth to check on you and your baby. They will answer any questions you may have about caring for yourself and baby, including baby's bath, feeding, sterilization techniques and postnatal changes.

“We don’t just care for the mom and baby – we care for the whole family.”
Beth Hawn, RN, Director, Maternal Child Program